Another year at Coachella

I have emerged from the dust cloud that is the Coachella Valley Art and Music Festival/Stagecoach Country Music Festival. It was a lovely little vacation from reality. This was my third year working as a member of the art department and I met some wonderful folks, saw amazing bands, drank cheap beer, and pretty much got paid to have a good time and make art.

I was lucky enough to get to make art for Edwarde Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, which was also the standout performance of the weekend in my opinion.

The concept art for the print I made for them:

The final poster was a little rough looking with an eerie blue tinge which actually gave it a very a very sun washed look. I think I pulled it together nicely considering I had about three weeks to do 9 pieces of art for various bands.

I also did this piece for Beach House:

I was really feeling the red and black this year and apparently the performers were feeling it to, because all but one took their pieces home with them. Next year I am shooting for a 100% non-return rate.

The other band I was impressed with this year was a group from Australia called The Middle East.

But nothing was better than the now famous “drunk guy trying to put on sandals.”

Until next year Coachella!


One thought on “Another year at Coachella

  1. Jenna says:

    “Drunk guy trying to put on sandals” is epic. I would’ve been tempted to yank off one of them and throw it in some random direction right after he got them on.

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